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Public Speaking

Motivational talk on the subject of Social Media Marketing / Internet Marketing / SEO

My talks are a result of  a wealth of experience in computers and online marketing, I was writing software in 1982, started my own software house back in 1985 and have been selling my own product through online marketing since 1987.

I deliver motivational talks that inspire companies and individuals to change and improve the way they communicate with their customers on Social Media Sites and The Internet.  I don’t just talk about Twitter or Facebook, I can cover the whole breadth of Internet marketing from Virtual Worlds, Mobile Applications to QR Codes etc.  I also provide an insight into what’s coming round the corner, what will be big in a few months to a years time. In a recent Advert for one of my talks I was likened to the BBC TV Program “Tomorrow’s World

My Presentation topics include:

Internet Marketing Overview – An overview to where and how your business can leverage more business and publicity on the internet.

Virtual Worlds

Social Networking Websites – e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare,

The Future – The ways people will market themselves in future, getting in there before the masses find out about it.

Bespoke Presentation – I can create a talk based on your specific requirements, Contact me to discuss your needs.

Whether you have a group of 20 or 2,000, I can adapt my delivery to ensure that your delegates enjoy a great talk and leave with plenty of ideas and enthusiasm to make changes to the way they do business.

Although I once managed to do a 20 minute talk,  I am more comfortable with taking between one and three hours  to deliver the content, I can however amend the content depth, breadth and audience interactivity to suit your requirements.

To book me to talk at your event call me on 01772 454328 (+441772 454328 from outside the uk) send me an email or fill out the contact form below.

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    Below is a video with footage from one of my previous talks.

    Here is an example of the text from an advert for one of my recent appearances…

    Let your attendees learn the Secrets Of Smart Marketing Using Social Media

    – How to turn it into a business opportunity

    When you don’t spend time creating an effective Social Media marketing strategy for your business, you potentially leave yourself wide open to wasting precious time (and money) defending your market share in damage control mode, suffering from lost revenue and missing out on new sales opportunities.

    David Batty of Sector Software looks at why you have no choice but to take part in Social Media – whether or not you want to.  Learn how to control Social Media and how it can go wrong. Learn how you can use Social Media to:

    • Become the friendly face of your industry
    • Gain recognition as an industry expert
    • Be alerted on your desktop to potential clients needs in real time
    • Save on time and money when recruiting
    • Network with key individuals from companies you would like to do business with
    • Leverage massive amounts of publicity for you or your business
    • Get your future customers to add themselves to your database
    • Attend meetings in your very own virtual office without leaving your desk
    • Be the star of your industry specific TV or radio channel.

    Here are a few examples of what others are saying about my talks

    Mentions On Twitter

    • JobTrials @DavidBatty The  event was fantastic! Thanks for your talk as it prompted me to join Twitter and I already have followers!
    • TonyHibbert @DavidBatty David thoroughly enjoyed your presentation in Nelson on thursday and followed your advice hence the tweet. Tony hibbert
    • sturgey @DavidBatty didn’t make it to your session but 2 from our team and my husband did ! Good stuff i’m told.
    • 5_Local_Heroes @DavidBatty Eye opening and very informative. Thanks. We could do with you in Rossendale speaking to our Valley at Work network.
    • leejorgensen @DavidBatty Nice to meet you. Great primer on social media for business. Thanks for filtrbox tip
    • holisticseo @Davidbatty great talk this morning David on Smart Marketing for social media.

    On Facebook

    • Maria Moriarty David – great seminar the other day at T2000, i learnt a lot thank you! i have been familiar with facebook on a personal level but have already started to reap benefits from using it for my business. and Twitter – it was an education which again I’m already reaping benefits from for my three businesses! Thank you!

    On Feedback Forms

    • How can we improve this type of event? >>>You’d struggle
    • Great and informative
    • Excellent presentation. Made me feel quite old as things are moving forward very quickly.
    • Very useful thoroughly enjoyed it
    • Very good speaker, very relevant and well presented
    • Really informative and enjoyable. David Batty is a great speaker!
    • Fanstastic! Thanks
    • Would like to see further events from David Batty
    • Very useful and informative. Excellent
    • Excellent speaker, interesting topic
    • You’ve done it again, fantastic event thanks!
    • Bring back David Batty. He was a great inspiring character!
    • Further talk by David on using social media.
    • Looking forward to the next event!
    • Was great, perhaps needed to be a longer session
    • Great information, more time would have been great.
    • I would have spent a full day listening to David!
    • Excellent first visit.
    • Its been brilliant!
    • Bring back David!! Really interesting.
    • Excellent event
    • Nothing more to improve. Very, very useful – if a bit scary!

    If you would like David to deliver a talk at your venue then please click on the ‘Contact’ tab above and get in touch. or simply telephone 01772 454328
    (outside the uk +44 1772 454328)