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Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing

The Front PageWe have been using Social Marketing since 1987, over the years we have gained a ton of experience of the way to go about using Social Media/ Internet marketing to leverage business.

What we can do for you:

  • Establish who your target audience is and suggest the most suitable socialĀ  media websites to use to talk to your target audience.
  • Set you up with a Facebook Advert to promote your products, website or your Fan page on Facebook. Facebook Ad’s are the most targeted PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns you can use to only advertise to your target audience.
  • Get you up and running with a Twitter Account (if you haven’t already got one) Advise you on the kind of things you can/should tweet about. We can send tweets out for you but We always say it is better if you or someone in your company runs the twitter account, It’s all about being a person on Twitter. Users like to talk to a real person instead of a corporate persona.
  • Set you up with a Facebook Fan Page (If you don’t have one already) set out what type of information to post on your fan page.
  • Create special events/deals specifically for your Twitter followers and/or Facebook fans, to encourage communication, build brand awareness and expand your followers/fans.

Custom Twitter and YouTube Backgrounds

Twitter Background –
Having a custom Twitter background helps to spread brand consistency through out all your social profiles and your website, It gives you more than 160 Characters to describe your self and/or your company.