Data Processing - Sector Software

Data Processing

We provide data conversion services either as a one off or on a regular basis. Maybe you have Data in a spreadsheet, Database, in a text file, or on sheets of paper and want it in another application. We can convert data from one form to another.

Data Cleansing & De-Duplication

We process your data to remove duplicate entries, invalid capitalisation and provide other data normalisation functions. The end result is a more refined data set which can be efficiently used for marketing or other business purposes. Many businesses waste a lot of money sending out duplicate mailshots, dealing with incomplete addresses and making other easily corrected mistakes.

Paper Based Files

We will convert your paper based data in to any format you require. Piles of paper invoices or notes can be turned in to an Access database, Excel Spreadsheet, Text File or Word Report

Legacy Files

Convert those old computer files into data that you can use or import with your current data system. Contact us with details of your requirements.

Merging and Purging Data

We can merge your data from multiple sources, purge old records to your requirements and generally normalise your data. We work with a variety of data sources from Access, Excel, .txt files, CSV Files etc.

If you have any data processing requirements then please contact us for a quote. We use a variety of methods from manual processing to writing custom software or macros to manage large amounts of data.