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Face To Face Training We have been providing face to face training since the 1980’s. We deliver a variety of courses in the Lancashire area on a multitude of subjects including Second Life, Microsoft Office, Internet, Photoshop etc. Keyboard Training We have written an excellent piece of software to teach keyboard skills. It has been on sale since 1985 on various computers. The software is on sale at its own website, please visit it as learning to type properly is something you should learn BEFORE learning anything else on the computer. As well as saving you from getting RSI, learning how to use a keyboard properly will save you hours of time each week.

Our Trainer

Our Trainer is David Batty who normally trains other computer tutors, staff in colleges, company employees and private individuals. Our classes benefit from having an enthusiastic and knowledgable tutor with 27 years of experience. We can provide your employees with training in a variety of subjects, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet etc. You could visit our Skills Academy website to see if there is a forthcoming open course, or we can deliver a course either in one of our own locations or in your own company. Contact us for details.