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We have been writing and selling software since 1985. We mainly write business or educational software either as bespoke software or for retail sale.

Bespoke Software

Sometimes you need functionality which is not provided by current software, or something that is very specific to your business process. We can design bespoke software applications to solve your problem. Examples of this could be to analyse data, perform data conversions, deliver staff training or perform calculations which are specific to the efficient running of your business. Contact us for a chat, and perhaps we can provide the missing utility or functionality that will really help your business.

Touch Typist Typing Tutor

Touch Typist is our flagship product, this typing tutor software has been on sale since 1985. Our customers include schools, colleges, businesses. government bodies and private individuals.

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Our Forthcoming Projects


We are currently rewriting our Wordsmith software which allows you to perform crossword, anagram and word searches. The software will tell you the meaning of any words generated. You can also select any word in the definitions returned to find the meaning of that word.

This software has proven popular in the past and is now getting a rewrite.

Debt Management

Our debt management software will process details of your credit card, overdraft or loan debts. It will then tell you your debt free date (assuming your payments mean that there is one). It will then suggest ways to save thousands of pounds by rearranging your payments. This software can save you tens of thousands of pounds. It is currently being tested prior to release.