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Promoted Accounts from Twitter

Yesterday (Monday 4th October) Twitter announced they were launching Promoted Accounts.
Promoted Accounts
Promoted Accounts are going to feature in the “Who to follow” suggestions from Twitter, for now they are only suggesting Promoted Accounts based on who you follow so for example: ‘ I follow a lot of people that tweet about coffee, using Twitter’s algorithm they see all the coffee people I’m following but they see that I’m not following the Starbucks Twitter account. Twitter will make a suggest in the “Who to follow” feature that I should follow the official Starbucks Twitter account .

Promoted Accounts is another way for Twitter to monetize, along side the Promoted Tweets and the Promoted Trends they already offer to advertisers, at the moment Twitter are only offering their promoted Account, Tweets and Trends to large advertisers like Best Buy, Bravo, Red Bull, Sony Pictures, Starbucks, and Virgin America etc.
Promoted Tweets

Twitter have already seen a great take up of their advertising, with 80% of over 40 advertisers becoming repeat buyers, On their blog they have said ” we have an exciting road map to expand to more advertisers. Plus, the new Twitter creates exciting opportunities to be creative with Promoted Tweets by combining text with pictures and video.

We don’t think it will be too far in the future before Twitter will be offering Advertising space for SMEs, We will have to wait and see what Twitters next announcement will be.